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Circuiterie is a Rome-based multidisciplinary collective focusing on music, dance, theatre, and all visual and performative arts.
Given the passive, uncritical and conformed approach that seems to be predominant today as far as production and fruition of arts are concerned, we encourage the creation of new spontaneous connections, among the arts, and from artists to public.
A creation of small worlds to be in charge of; a collaborative network of artists each with their own distinct individual background, experiences and sensitivity.
The productions of Circuiterie, whether they be live performances or workshops and educational meetings, will have to reckon with the reality of the social textures within those areas where they will take place: this, to get an audience closer to a praxis of experimental arts, with no preclusion in terms of idioms or genres, that deserve a better and broader diffusion.
We are keen on narrowing those gaps that consolidated communication systems and managements have built and are busy preserving. Therefore, we have no cherished site for our activities, and we plan to organize events indifferently in traditional venues, schools, community centers and institutions.
Rome, September 2013

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