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In 1986, when he was still a steelworker, he began playing industrial music with Joe D’elirio, founding member of Exxess, later starting Discipline with RedStar, with several gigs in Italy  and going on to perform in experimental music festivals and launching more collaborations with  bands like Plath and Luqid Ice. In the 90s he performed at the Festival Anticlericale, releasing the 7’’ single F/A with Fistole Anali. 1994 will see a live appearence with Cupio Dissolvi ,and the release of a single by D.O.R. (Deadly Orgone Radiation) on Minus Habens Records. In 2001, under the alias of Spartako he begins to produce mixed media  performances. Since 2003, he is in the association that promotes the Festa della Musica organizing events all around Italy. In 2005, he founded Les MistonS with Alessandra Ballarini, performing at Artika Festival (Recanati), Dogs of the Duo (Firenze), Night of the Duo, Re-Volt Festival (Rome). He curates the OVERHEAD Festival in Jesi with DBPIT & Xxena and IOIOI. He takes part in Taxi Gallery with Paolo Natanti in Rome, the Toolkit Festival (Venice), and performs at the LOOPHOLE in Berlin with Les Belles Noiseuses. With Wreckage Sound System at Peyote (Istanbul), EMUFEST with Rinus Van Alebeek. In 2014 for Digital Life (Roma Europa Festival), with Simone Pappalardo at Maxxi in Rome and Palazzo M (Latina). In 2015 with LesMistonS realizes a live quadraphonic (opening act Kaffee Matthews). He has scored with Tiziana Lo Conte e Alessandra Ballarini the traveling theater show (Carro di Tespi) "Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny" (Bertolt Brecht) directed by Marcello Cava, with Paolo Bonacelli. At Macro in Rome with the Orchestra of Circuiterie. With PHLOX at Berlin (M.me Claude), in Venice Electro Camp Festival and at Rome with Julia Kent.



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